Mock Pie Studio artwork is handmade in Catawissa, PA by Sara Mika

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       "Sooo...what the heck is Mock Pie???"      
Sara Mika is an independent artist working under the moniker Mock Pie Studio in Catawissa, PA.  She creates fiber art items employing a variety of techniques including art quilting, hand embroidery, weaving, rug making, coiling, needle felting, punch needle, and soft sculpture.  She also enjoys finishing incomplete vintage quilts, quilt blocks, and needlework, and likes to upcycle worn quilts that may otherwise be discarded.  Her work has been included in several books and magazines and her pieces have been seen in both local and national exhibitions.  Locally, large scale installations of her work can be viewed at Bloomsburg University, the Bloomsburg Children's Museum, and at Geisigner Medical Center in Danville.
I'm so glad you asked!  Maybe you're thinking mock means fake.  Or perhaps it sounds like I'm making fun of pie by mocking it, but it's neither.  Oddly enough, I was originally inspired by chapter nine (The Mock Turtle's Story) of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".  I'm using the word mock to mean pretend . . . a replica of sorts.  "Mock Pie" is my interpretation of the art quilt as an artistic medium.  Trippy, huh?  Like the tasty confection, my work is comprised of three different layers.  A pie's top crust is like the top layer of an art quilt and it contains my design and creativity.  Pie filling is like a quilt's batting which holds my heart and soul.  Finally, a pie's bottom crust is like a quilt's backing and it provides its function, holding everything all together.  So, my quilts are the "Mock Pie" in Mock Pie Studio.  My work is one-of-a-kind art, made with heart.  I hope you'll find something you love!   -Sara